The mission of the South L.A. Homeless TAY and Foster Care Collaborative is to prevent and end youth homelessness in the South Los Angeles region.

Policy & Advocacy

Our Policy and Advocacy Strategic Goal: Improve public policies and systems that address or omit homeless and at-risk youth.

targetOur Policy and Advocacy Objectives

  • -Create a policy and legislative platform and agenda
  • -Foster greater awareness through social media and online tools
  • -Work to better coordinate and leverage resources
  • -Streamline administrative policies and barriers
  • -Increase policy and advocacy skills Support a Coordinated Entry System (CES) for Youth
  • Priorities


resources-and-fundingResources & Funding

  • -Increase investments and resources
  • -Better leverage current resources and funding from mainstream public service and benefits systems
  • -Seek additional funding for supportive services
  • -Increase investments in coordination and capacity building



coordinationCoordination of Services & Resources

  • -Support Coordinated Entry System for Youth
  • -Promote the use and expansion of an online directory of resources and services
  • -Advocate for full engagement of mainstream systems in youth homelessness
  • -Advocate for access to critical youth data available through a variety of sources


housingAccess to Housing & Supportive Services

  • -Increase employment resources and support for youth
  • -Improving access to food
  • -Promote and coordinate the expansion of housing and beds for youth
  • -Support diverse and effective housing models
  • -Reduce barriers created as a result of criminalization
  • -Create more safe havens and crisis housing
  • -Improve access to substance abuse services


Our Approach

  • -Leveraging the resources and expertise of members and partners
  • -Ensuring input and direction is inclusive of youth themselves
  • -Promoting and supporting a network of advocates that can be mobilized quickly and massively
  • -Utilizing data and research to inform policy and support advocacy

We would like to hear from you. Please complete the form and share your policy concerns with us and what you think is important.

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