The mission of the South L.A. Homeless TAY and Foster Care Collaborative is to prevent and end youth homelessness in the South Los Angeles region.

Homeless No More Plan

 On September 25, 2014 we unveiled our “Homeless No More” Community Plan to address youth homelessness in South Los Angeles




Goal I:  Improve the coordination of services, simplify access, and eliminate barriers

  1. Inform the creation of a universal assessment tool and protocols
  2. Inform the development of unified data systems and data collection protocols
  3. Prepare South LA for the implementation of a Coordinated Engagement System
  4. Improve communication among agencies serving TAY
  5. Work with partners to remove or minimize barriers to TAY accessing services, education and housing placements
  6. Partner with all county agencies to serving children and youth, foster care agencies, and supportive services agencies

Goal II: Increase and improve housing options for homeless youth in South LA

  1. Collaborate to ensure that housing developments in South LA are inclusive of the TAY population
  2. Align housing expansion in South LA for homeless youth with the needs of specific homeless TAY sub-population
  3. Expand and support the development of student housing adjacent to community colleges
  4. Standardize housing provider requirements and criteria for current and potential providers
  5. Increase the number of TAY-serving drop-in centers in South LA to ensure they are available throughout SPA 6.
  6. Increase the array of developmentally appropriate housing interventions targeting TAY

Goal III: Coordinate and enhance critical support systems and services

  1. Increase employment opportunities and placements for TAY through collaboration and partnerships
  2. Work with the business community to expand and support the development of jobs related to high growth industries
  3. Coordinate and deepen partnerships to expand job training and preparation programs available to homeless TAY
  4. Enhance partnerships with health agencies and organizations to provide health education and resources to TAY.
  5. Partner and help improve and coordinate critical services focused on re-entry TAY
  6. Improve linkages and integration of mental health services and resources
  7. Integrate and design job training, mental health support, life skills and education programming

Goal IV: Improve public policies and systems that address or omit homeless and at-risk youth

  1. Create a public policy and legislative platform for TAY in coordination and partnership with other partners
  2. Expand and deepen communication and public relations to better raise awareness about youth homelessness
  3. Advocate to support improvements in on how agencies coordinate services and provide mainstream benefits for TAY
  4. Eliminate and reduce administrative policies that create barriers for homeless TAY and agencies who serve TAY
  5. Increase the advocacy and public policy skills of community leaders, stakeholders and the Faith-based community

Goal V: Produce and compile data and research

  1. Complete community asset mapping to better target interventions to address the service gaps
  2. Partner with higher education to complete profiles of TAY and their needs using a participatory action research model
  3. Partner with agencies to share, track, and compile TAY specific data for South LA
  4. Develop an overall evaluation plan to guide and inform the implementation the community plan

Goal VI: Capacity building and development

  1. Expand training and technical assistance that will enhance and build the skills of current housing providers
  2. Create an infrastructure to build trust, strengthen relationships, and promote partnerships among faith leaders
  3. Strengthen “train the trainer” and cultural awareness education targeting community agencies and service providers
  4. Enhance and extend standardized training for agencies contracted with government to provide services
  5. Improve the communication and leadership skills of youth and young adults, ages 16-25.

Attached is the detailed summary of our Strategic Goals and Objectives.


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