The mission of the South L.A. Homeless TAY and Foster Care Collaborative is to prevent and end youth homelessness in the South Los Angeles region.

2010 Nonprofit Capacity Building Presentation by the Weingart Foundation

The following comments are the opening statement to the Weingart Foundation’s EXCELLENT 2010 study of nonprofit capacity-building needs and services in Los Angeles County entitled ‘Fortifying L.A.’s Nonprofit Organizations — Capacity Building Needs and Services in L.A. County’. 

“Los Angeles County depends on nonprofit organizations to provide vital services, fuel social and cultural innovation, and advocate for change. They are also an important economic force, representing seven percent of the gross metropolitan product and six percent of the labor force. In fact, Los Angeles County has more nonprofit organizations than any other county — as well as most states — in the nation. Their work is critical to reaching shared civic goals and creating a better region.

Yet these nonprofit organizations are struggling as demand for many services increases and revenues decline. While some of them have proven to be resourceful and resilient in providing quality services during these tough times, many are facing serious challenges in their leadership, governance, management, and operations. If the capacity of these organizations is weak, then their programs and services are bound to suffer.

  • What is the organizational capacity of Los Angeles County nonprofits?
  • What types of capacity building do they most need to enhance their effectiveness?
  • What kind and quality of capacity-building services are they receiving?
  • And how are funders helping to strengthen — or hinder — nonprofit organizational performance?”


To help answer these questions, see the Weingart Foundation’s Report at:

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